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Hi Paul,

glad to see that the Spyder-Community is getting truly European 🙂 now, and am yet to meet someone with the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car… Having lived in Japan for a number of years, and owned a roadster over there as well, I can assure everyone here that having fun works just as well this way!

We have had talks amongst some local Spyder-Owners here about going over to Scotland and follow the suggestion of this book sometime this year:

But so far, nothing has come out of this yet, no concrete planning yet. It would be a nice idea to meet up on the island, however, so I will keep you in mind when plans get more concrete.

Are you planning something, either in the UK or on the continent for this year? Let me/everyone here know…

About attaching images, I am not sure. The way I do it is to upload the image to the media library of this website, or use any image URL from the web, and link it in the article, but I am one of the admins of this website (even though I know only very little about web-design…) and have no idea how that would look like with a regular user account. For me, a menu-bar just on top of the message-composing area appears where I can select the command „img“ and can link a picture. Do you have that one with the regular user account as well?

Just a test how this looks like:
981 Spyder Picture from the Web


P.S.: We need to truly install this function properly soon, sharing images and other media is important for this site!

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