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Hi Paul,

wow – thanks for the quick reply and the abundance of information on the Scotland-Tour. I have read that book as well, and I see it the same way as you, but having followed the „15 Pässe in 4 Tagen – Porsche Drive“ book of the same author with a number of other Porsche-Enthusiasts last year (incl. a number of Spyders) I put my trust in Stefan Bogner that it is a great potpourri of the best Scotland has to offer.

The GPX files would be very useful, but unfortunately there is something wrong with the copy/pasted links above, maybe happened since you copied/pasted them from another website. Can you try to copy the links one-by-one out of your browser-window again, please, I (and others probably) shall like to download those GPX’s for future use… 😉

About your upcoming trip: sounds great! But far away from here, my heart would bleed if I took the Spyder down to Bilbao on its own wheels just for all those useless miles of transfer. Ferry is a good way for sure though, and I am sure it is worth it. Let’s see whether we can find a way until then for you to post some pictures/videos! I’d love to see them!

If going to Scotland this year, it would also be by ferry (to Newcastle upon Tyne). Where in UK are you based, anywhere up north?

I shall let you know when it gets more concrete…

Silverstone Classics sounds good, too, but again my hear would bleed getting there with the Spyder. Did you find the information about our Spyder-Meeting here in Germany already on this website (and did Google-Translator manage a good job with it…)? Last year, more than 20 Spyders were present, and we had a great time, with driving, socialising, and even a track day on the „little brother of the Nürburgring“, which is the Bilster Berg racetrack near Paderborn. This year, it will be 23/24th of June, also in Paderborn area… just in case you have a mind to come and are not in Spain/Portugal at that time…


P.S.: about the images: Media Library on this website asides (probably only accessible for admins), do you get the HTML Toolbox with the „IMG“ command when editing a post?

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