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Hi Paul,

your car looks fantastic! Another „Darth Spyder“ to rule all the white „Storm Troopers“ (as we had it in the other forum…)! Chester seems convenient both for ferries to the continent as well as for Wales. Still kind of far away from Scotland-access, but manageable. Let’s see what the future holds in terms of meeting up!

With the meeting I was talking about, it is this one:
That shall be „the big one“ this year for us Germans, not sure if you did not stumble across another one, e.g. the one in Dinslaken (which is mentioned in the Forum and is a big Porsche Meeting in General to which a number of Spyders will also go and have their own separate corner on the grounds…).

The Dropbox-Link for the GPX, for some reason, still does not work.
Could you maybe paste only the part of the Link that starts with „i5v7f9“ (without the „https://…“ Part in front), so it does not get butchered by the Website Software? I am sure I could reconstruct it then on my side, and also re-insert it properly in this thread for the others to use?

Cheers! Dirk